My dear lover

Your Feelings Expressed With Our Perfect Words

What We Do

We Will Send A Tastefully Hand Written Letter To Your Lover, On Your Behalf. We Will Express Your Thoughts & Feelings With The Perfect Words. Your feelings in our words.

How We Do It

It starts with you filling out the form below and telling us what you want to say to your lover. It doesn't need to be detailed, just give us the general sentiment. Our wordsmith will then select the finest paper and a fountain pen so we can create magic in your name. The letter will then be sent by regular mail.

Who We Are

We are Wordsmiths. Our craft is expression & our calling is to help you to express your feelings perfectly.

Satisfaction Guarantted

"Perfect. Just perfection"....Justin

"I literally could not have said it better"....Alicia

"She was all smiles. I love it"... Derek

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Order Received

We are currently preparing to spin up some magical words for you.

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